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What You Need to Know

Questions to Ask When Choosing the Search Firm to Represent Your Business

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Your company needs a Search Professional to understand your culture, recruit with precision and creativity, and devote 100% focus to deliver accurate results. Here are some suggested questions to ask to determine your best representative:
  1. Will the consultant you interview actually handle your search assignment? What is the expertise and duties of junior members of the team? Who interacts with candidates the most?

  2. How many searches does the consultant handle at once?

  3. What priority is given to this search? What happens if a candidate is not found?

  4. Search combines candidate relationships with an honest portrayal of your company, its culture and an accurate articulation of the challenges and up sides of the position. Can your search consultant demonstrate abilities in all areas?

  5. If you were a high performer, and working with this consultant to make one of the most important decisions in your work life, is this a person you would trust?

  6. Does your consultant demonstrate they take direction, follow processes, suggest new ideas, and interact cohesively with your team?

  7. What is the consultant's track record in legal and confidential matters?

  8. Clear communication and trust between the client team and the consultant is critical. Probe to determine their search process, process to update results and challenges, and their approach to solving obstacles that arise in a search.

  9. Does the search consultant's business experience, market knowledge and search experience demonstrate success in successfully recruiting a position similar to yours?

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